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Some information on the composition  of these jewels. 

Surgical steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the piercing industry , nowaday, for various reasons:

- for the ability to make amazing designs in different colors

- Because it lasts a long time and doesn't react with bodily fluids, so it doesn't rust

- Because the material undergoes a manufacturing process called micro-abrasion, which gives us the absolute certainty of the absence of nickel in the object. 

Surgical steel does not relaise nickel, or rather, it releases it in such low quantities, that it has been approved by the UE for use in piercings, as this material does not produce allergic reactions to the person wearing the jewel. Suffice it to say that the amount of nickel released is even less than that released by pure silver. Only people suffering from severe forms of nickel allergy, should prefer titanium to surgical steel. Alternatively there is nobio, little known, but suitable for allergy sufferers and less expensive than titanium.  If you really have sensitive skin in contact with any metal, you can fall back on Tygon, a surgical plastic that can be used for piercings. Piercings made with surgical steel can be coated with titanium or plated with gold, so the range of colors is vast. 

Here are some of the jewels you can find in our studio. Assortment of colors and shapes also made to order. A specialized piercer will be able to advise you and you will certainly be satisfied.  

Su ordinazione gioielli ricoperti in oro 24K 

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