About us

When desires become passions, ideas turn into projects and dreams come true, it all begins. And this is where the adventure began. It was 2015. Already long ago lovers of this fantastic and eccentric world, it was soon decided to enter the sector as protagonists ans no longer just as enthusiasts or "healthy bearers of this manual perfection". It has been a path that was anything the best to an increasingly demanding and vast clientele. This has allowed us to mature both on a human and professional level, making Old Ink Tattoo Studio di Rovigo one of the most popular tattoo and piercing studios in the city and surrounding areas in a very short time: a point of reference for lovers of the sector and for those who, over time, have become one. Seriousness, competence, experience and trust, make  our boys an exceptional staff. Expert tattoo artists who "love" the client, just like the painter "loves" his canvas. Personalized designs, studied ad hoc on wishes, simple ideas or memories of those who want to impress a part of their life on the skin. And the satisfaction you get when a customer is satisfied is worth every effort and sacrifice. At the studio you can also find a specialized piercer who will satisfy all your requests with the utmost professionalism. For the medical removal of unwanted tattoos, we rely on external collaborators. Continuous updates on techniques, tools and styles allow professional and cutting-edge development.

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