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Our shop is enriched with new products for the care of piercings. Recommended for daily cleaning. 

The intimate cleansing wipes with acid PH 5.5, in soft fabric, are soaked in a solution containing a vegetable antimicrobial complex and enriched with hyaluronic acod and calendula extract. Specific in all cases of excessive development of the local microbial flora. With a cleansing and sanitizing and preventive action, they are particularly comfortable to use even during the period of pregnancy, postpartum, post-surgery and are indicated in all cases of possible bacterial proliferation. Specifications for the cleaning and hygiene of genital piercings. 

The cleansing foam EASYPIERCING, with its formula adapted to the PH of the skin, respects the balance of the skin flora and allows frequent and effective cleaning of the piercings. 

It was specially developed for the cleaning and care of ear piercings. Cleaning is done by pure alcohol, while care is ensured by chamomille and arnica extracts. 

EASYPIERCING MOUTHWASH SOLUTION it is ideal for the maintenance of knuckle piercings. Contains clove essential oil, known for its dental hygiene virtues. Its specific formula allows frequent use, without altering the natural and delicate balance of the mouth. The product should be diluted as instructions. 

Aqueous solution with panthenol, for cleaning and care of piercings in the mucous membrane areas. Dermatologically tested. The drip cap allows for simple and precise dosing. Free for mineral oils, vegan and developed without animal testing. 

It is a spray solution with panthenol, for the care and cleaning of piercings in the mucous membrane areas. Dermatologically tested. Free for mineral oils, vegan and developed without animal testing.   

The first shower gel formulated to protect tattoos: Tattoo di Dermomed has an extremely delicate PH, thanks to the formula rich in glycerin, it keeps the skin hydrated and protects the colors of the tattoo.  

The perfect combination to protect your tattoo. The sun is one of the biggest threats to your tattoos, it fades them and accelerates their aging. Expose yourself to the sun in peace with SUNSCREEN 50+ SPF, a specific higt protection sunscreen which, in addition to protecting them, counteracts the oxidative action, keeping the beauty of your tattoo intact. At the end of the day , refresh your tattooed skin with the AFTER SUN, which with its specific rehydration restores the righ nourishment and restores the shine to the tattoo! 

Quality and Safety: higt concentrationof biological and dermatologically tested active ingredients. They protect and deeply rehydrate, they don't grease the skin and they don't leave unsightly white patinas.

Compostable gift box:                            1  FIXER soothing cream da 75 ml            1  RECHARGE maintenance cream da 100 ml

Cream with higt Panthenol content (5%) and Sepitonic M3. In addition to promoting skin regeneration, it keeps the colors intact and protects against the harmful effects of the sun's rays, with a protection index of 75. 

Mini, pratical, travel pack, to always have the ideal protection for the care of your tattoo at hand. With Panthenol (5%) and Sepitonic M3.

Soothing cream specifics for tattooed skin. Composed of natural active ingredients, without ingredients of animal origin. Dermatologically tested, no animal testing. 

Soothing cream with a higt concentration of Panthenol (5%). Promotes skin regeneration, moisturized and helps keep colors alive in a natural way. Favorisce la rigenerazione della pelle, idrata e aiuta a mantenere vivi i colori in maniera naturale. VEGAN formula al 100%, without ingredients of animal origin.

Guaranteed products made in Italy and certified.

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